Dr. Charles Kairys


License # PSY24995

Dr. Chuck is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Westlake, California with  a 18 year history of treating a variety of Mental Health related illness.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at The University of Southern California, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University at the California Professional School of Psychology. Dr. Chuck underwent training in Psychodynamic / Analytic psychology at the Wright Institute Los Angeles. While earning his degrees he spent eight years functioning as a Social Worker working with individuals, couples and families. This labor of love included a wide array of psychological dilemmas  across diverse populations. Dr. Chuck received specialized training at Las Encinas Hospital in substance abuse at the addiction rehabilitation center specializing in co-occurring disorders. He also received specialized training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and has extensive experience working with families and adolescent populations. Dr. Chuck combines both relational and depth therapy approaches with individuals, couples, and families.

Dr Chuck's work is emotional focused so it balances symptom reduction with long term growth and change. Dr Chuck practices from multiple perspectives, with a main approach that is Contemporary Psychodynamic and is sometimes referred to as Depth Psychology. This Depth Psychology approach integrated with relational and self psychology perspectives helps people to understand problematic patterns that create distress. The ways in that people relate to one another are heavily rooted in individual psychological make-up, and visa-versa. People gain insights into the origens of problem causing scenarios that have become unconsciously engrained by looking in-depth into their relationships.  Insights derived from this work addresses and alleviates specific symptoms, as well as long standing problems that have eluded discovery.  With multiple perspectives, work can be tailored to address specific individual’s needs and meet a person precisely where they are with their unique dilemmas.

Dr. Chuck functions as a guide in this process of discovery.

Specialized Areas: Depth Psychology for the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Panic Disorder, Grief/Loss, Trauma/ PTSD, Stress Management, Relationships, Family Issues, Attachment Issues, Adolescents, Life Transitions, Loss, Pre-Marital and Couples Therapy, Issues of New Marriage, Overcoming Fears, Sleep Issues, Eating Disorders.

Dr. Chuck Shares His Special Interest Areas:


  • ​I have a special interest in individuals who are searching for enhanced meaning in their lives. I find that depth and growth-psychology can be utilized effectively to expand the well being of those who wish to reach for higher potentials of self-fulfillment. The process of discovering the intricate details of one’s emotional world can be utilized to enhance an individual’s character and expand on personal relationships. I am interested in the psychological components of the ways in which people relate to one another and how ones relational style affects their personal psychological make-up.​​
  • I have a special interest in couples and pre-marital therapy, especially the aspects of couple’s work that are pre-emptive and emphasize the aspects of growth and changes that inevitably occur in relationships. I recognize the ability of a couple to change both individually and together as an important element to lasting relationships that thrive. I have been trained in exploration methods in premarital therapy that help couples build and maintain strong happy marriages.
  • I have a special interest in treating adults and late teens who have experienced trauma. I am particularly interested in aspects of dissociative identity disorder that relate to trauma. I have received specialized training in substance abuse treatment and am particularly interested in the many common underlying factors. I enjoy treating individual adults with depression, anxiety and the attachment issues that are commonly related.